Corporate Gifting

Be known for Gifting...

Does your business or company have a gifting policy?
Does this policy include thanking your top performing clients?
Does it include celebrating your team achievements?
Does it include recognising your individual employees?
Does it include supporting and strengthening your employees/staff and their families?
Does this policy including gifting to charities, community groups, schools, sports groups?
Does the policy include branded gifts for conferences, welcome gift bags, or guest speaker thank you gifts, client business card aquistion draw that you may be involved with?


How Can Business Gifts Work For Your Business?...

  • Build stronger loyalty and relationships
  • Help with referral business thank yous
  • Show respect and gratitude for the businesses that work with your business
  • Build ongoing support and more meaningful trust and loyalty
  • Make your business a "two-way" partnership


What Are Some of the Best Types of Gifts to Give?

A gift with your branding on it

A gift with food items

A gift that may include vouchers to an upcoming outing or event

An Adventure gift for a client or employee team

Sponsored holidays for staff for achievement recognition


 How Can a Gift Company Assist With Your Gifting?

  • source product items for your gift
  • source packaging to make your gift presentation look great
  • arrange and package your gifts to make them look attractive to gift
  • work with your budget to get the best gift
  • help guide you with decision making for the best impact
  • take the stress out of the work load