Kiwi Favourites Chocolate Gift


This Kiwi Favourites Chocolate gift is sure to please any chocolate lovers be it for a male or female, young or old!!! 

We've selected all the chocolate favourites together of Moro bars, scorched almonds, Cadbury bars, jaffas, licorice along with Toffee Pops...and lots more to keep them snacking!! It makes a great choice to send to someone who's recovering in hospital, or at home, or as a beaut birthday present!!  

It would even make a great gift for a client to surprise them, or for an employee, who needs a bit of cheering up. 

You may prefer to include a juice, ginger beer or beer, or a magazine. Just make your choice from the above selection.

  • Chocolate favourites:  
  • Nestles Scorched Almonds
  • Griffins Toffee Pops biscuits
  • Pascalls Pineapple Lumps
  • Jaffas
  • Pascalls RJs Licorice Allsorts
  • Mini Moro Bars
  • Mini Dairy Milk Bars
  • Mini Picnic Bars
  • Large Crunchie Bar
  • Appropriate card for the occasion with your message, handwritten