NZ Gourmet Food Gift

Do you need a gift that will help create a lasting impression of your business and a way to help build business relationships?  Perhaps you're looking to find a gift for a friend or someone who is needing some encouragement or support?  

This NZ Gourmet Food Gift has been selected to give your recipient a taste of some of the amazing artisan gourmet food goodies that have been produced from around New Zealand.  We've chosen both sweet and savoury foods to show case what is happening in the food world around New Zealand.  

This gift comes with a lovely locally produced  tea, but we can exchange this for coffee if you would prefer. It also contains no alcohol. However if you would like to make changes, please email us with your request. We want the recipient of this gift to feel the love and support that you're wanting to share.

  • Little Beauties Dried Kiwifruit and dipped in Chocolate, from Nelson
  • China White Jasmine Tea - organic tea blended here in Christchurch
  • Molly Woppy HandmadeTriple Chocolate Cookie Bites (we have an alternative Gluten Free cookie available if required) Made in Auckland
  • Pacific Coast Chocolate Macadamias - grown and packed from Whanarua Bay near Opotiki in the North Island
  • Herb & Spice Luxury Nuts - 100% Natural Blend of hazelnuts,cashews, brazils, almonds & walnuts from Auckland
  • She Universe - Award Winning Sassy Sesame Snap Chocolate - made with dark chocolate, tamari & toasted seeds, organic, vegan & gluten free Made here in Governors Bay near Christchurch
  • The Crafty Weka Bar - a delicious nut bar that contains peanuts, oats, sesame seeds with natural sugars. Produced in Christchurch