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Have you ever searched the internet or been asked to find a Get Well gift online for someone who is ill or in hospital? Perhaps they’re recuperating at home or are just needing to know that you’re thinking of them when they are sitting at the bedside of a dying family member or relative?
In my 16 plus years of arranging gifts for all of the above situations I’ve had the opportunity to create hundreds of get well gifts.

When You Can’t Deliver Flowers to a Patient in the Hospital, what else could You Arrange?
Many wards in the hospitals here in New Zealand don’t allow flowers to be delivered to the bedside of patients, unless they’re in a Private hospital. The reason being is that patients are moved around a lot so it’s not easy to shift all their flowers and gear. Also anyone with respiratory issues won’t need the pollens around them. So what else could you send them to cheer them up?

Here is my list of the 7 most popular (and appreciated) get well gifts:-
• Gift basket, box or hamper with fresh fruit, sweet items or a juice
• A current magazine or one based on interests for men and women
• Handcream, lip balm or body and bath pamper products to help them feel a little pampered
• A colouring book and pencils, yes this is becoming a very popular choice of gift to help pass the time or a notebook and pen
• Spotify music vouchers
• Candles, teddy bear, mug, wheat pack or heat pack
• Herbal teas, cheese, crackers, biscuits

How Well Do You Know the Person Who’s receiving Your Get Well Gift?
Before you choose what you’re about to send or arrange in the way of a gift for someone, think about how well you know the person. Are they female or male? What age group are they in – young, middle aged, older or elderly? This will have a bearing on the type of gift or items that you choose for them.This Healthy Choice Gift Hamper is a good hospital gift

If you’re the one arranging the gift then you need to think about this, because there’s not much point in sending a big gift box full of sweet stuff to someone who is on a special diet or they’re trying to lose weight. (You might like to check out these Fresh Fruit Gift options). If you know they use pamper products then a few small items could work really well for them.

Choosing gifts for men can be another whole challenge. What do you buy for men? Toothbrush, soap, sweets and chocolates or even socks!! We’ll talk about this shortly with more ideas.

Let’s think about the person as a patient for a moment. Are they able to eat food? For example, if they’re pending an operation or are in a coma, then sending food may not be the best option, unless this is for the support person who is sitting with the patient. They may also be in a nil-by-mouth patient, whilst they have are having tests carried out, so food they won’t be able to eat. 

What’s your Reason for Giving a Get Well Gift?
There are a number of reasons why you may consider sending someone a Get Well Gift. Firstly they may have been diagnosed with an incurable illness or disease, such as cancer or a stroke and a Get Well gift may be just the thing to give them a boost, support or encouragement. Or they may have been in a vehicle accident and need to have operations, or to recuperate for some time, so they would appreciate receiving your gift to help pass the time.

These may be some of the obvious situations, but what of the person who is suffering from mental illness who needs support to move forward and feel better. Knowing that someone cares and is thinking of them can make all the difference to their lives.

Another time when a Get Well, Support or Comfort Gift can be an appropriate gift to give is when someone is sitting with a dying parent, child, relative or friend. This may be for a short period of time, or it could be for a few weeks or longer. Having something healthy and nourishing throughout this time can be of real comfort to the family, such as fresh fruits, nuts, and healthy snacks or even biscuits, cheese and crackers.

Let’s Talk about Some of the Questionable Gift Ideas
One thing that comes to mind is whether to add alcohol in Get Well Gifts. Unless you really know the person well and the situation, then probably you would be best to err on the side of caution and not include alcohol in a Get Well parcel.
The exceptions to this would be, that if you know the person well and they love a drink to celebrate, then by including a bottle of wine or a couple of beers, this can be something for them to look forward to once they’re feeling better. Or to celebrate the life of someone who has passed away and they would love to have the family raise a glass to acknowledge the person’s life.Pamper Her Gift for Get Well Gift

What are Some Get Well Gift Ideas for Women?
There are a number of different ideas for the gifts for get well for women, such as a pamper gift with a mix of different body products such as lip balm, moisturizer, body balm, hand cream, face masks, bath salts, shower gel, soap, bath bubbles, lavender or rose products or other essential oil products. You could include a soy candle, a journal or notepad and pen, a wheat pack or heat sack or an eye pack to soothe the eyes. All these things are designed to relax and pamper a lady. This list can even stretch to include a towel and facewash, a bathrobe and slippers, a hairbrush and comb. The list is fairly extensive.

Alternatively you could do a gift of fresh fruits, dried fruits, some cheese, crackers, pate or jelly, or biscuits. Another nice option could be a tea gift, containing a black tea, a green tea and an herbal tea along with a mug, and something sweet to eat. Or perhaps a coffee pack or Hot Chocolate with some quality coffee or hot chocolate, biscuits, something sweet and a coffee mug.
There are some lovely artisan food products and hand crafted pamper products that will make a truly luxurious Get Well pamper gift especially when you don’t know how long the recuperation is going to take the person. These gifts can be offset with an indoor house or garden plant, such as a succulent which requires minimal water and care and several magazines, a colouring book and pencils plus a puzzle book or two. Get Well gifts - lavender wheat packs for warmth and comfort

Even a simple Pick Me Up Gift with a few pieces of fresh fruit, some chocolates, a magazine, a small bottle of juice and nuts, can make a very easy gift if you don’t know the person very well. Try suggesting a magazine to fit their interests or tastes will make a success of this gift.

Let’s Think About the Men Gifts, or Get Well Gifts for Him, especially when You have no Idea what he might like?
Many people have said how difficult it is to buy gifts for men, and when it comes to a Get Well gift for him, this is no exception.

You could go down the direction of pamper body cleaning products for him, such as deodorant, beard oil if appropriate, or soap, but this will depend very much on the man himself.

Oftentimes it is easier and less offensive to get food items such as fresh fruit, sweets and chocolates, biscuits, cheese and crackers, nuts and pretzels and a bottle of juice. Then you don’t risk offending him. By putting in a magazine of his interests he will be more than grateful for this, if he’s up to reading it at this stage.
If he is into health and fitness then this can be easier to do the fresh fruit gift hamper so that he can make smoothies and consume the fresh fruit.

Sometimes your choice of gift will be decided by how sick the patient is and what is appropriate for him. You may need to be guided by the family or hospital staff. Magazines of his interests, whether it’s a sport, a hobby or one that has good articles to read, then there are lots of these to choose from.

Is the Gift Size Important to make an Impression on the patient?
Choosing a gift that is appropriate and suitable for the patient is far more important than selecting a huge big parcel that may make them feel very embarrassed. There is only so much room at the bedside in the hospitals, so receiving a large parcel will make them feel awkward.

Get Well Gifts Delivered to the Patient’s Home
This can be a much better option for a lot of people as they can then receive plants and flowers along with other fun stuff that you might not want to send to the hospital. Sometimes people are just too sick to receive a gift in the hospital and they just want to sleep and rest. Also someone doesn’t have to carry it all the way back to the vehicle to it take home.

These gifts can be delivered the day that they arrive home or the next day, so that they can enjoy them more.

How Do I Arrange Food Gifts to Suit a particular Dietary Requirement of the Patient?
You can select gifts that are gluten free or dairy free, sugar free, nut-free, or suitable for a diabetic, or you can ask for these types of products to be included in a gift basket, box, or hamper. There are many more products on the market these days to suit all of the above food requirements, so it is important that if someone has an allergy to say nuts, that whoever to packing your gifts knows that food must not contain nuts.
Fresh fruit gifts for get well gifts

Finding a company or business that is aware of this is very important when dealing with people’s health.

Finding Healthy Get Well Gifts Can Take Some Time and Research
Not everyone likes to eat lots of sweets and chocolates, chips, and other foods that are heavily processed. Choosing foods to fit this group is becoming far more important to many people who are making changes in their diets to natural, organic artisan foods. Perhaps paleo or keto snacks, and low-sugar chocolate, vegan or dairy free would appeal to you for your gift. These are all things to consider when arranging a gift for someone else, whether it is a family member, a friend or a work colleague.

Here at Apex Gifts we can be flexible and find products to suit your requests.
Care packages to give comfort and support to friends and family
Sending a Small Care Package
Sometimes being able to send a small care package is all that is required at the first point in time. This lets the person receiving the package know that you’re thinking of them, and that you will soon be in touch further. We can’t emphasize how important this can be to help someone emotionally. Going through an illness, an accident, an operation or just not knowing, whilst waiting for test results, can be such an emotional roller coaster. Up one minute and down the next. This can really help with the feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, excitement and grief. Not to mention pain and disappointment.

What Do You Say to Some Who is Sick, in Hospital or Unwell?
Writing a sincere get well, or thinking of you message in a gift card can be challenging when we have to talk about emotions and feelings and many people find this very daunting. Others just prefer to leave it up to someone else. It’s hard when it’s for a bloke or man, as they often don’t like to share any emotions, especially with a stranger.

We’ve compiled some sample messages to help make this task a little less of a challenge for you.

Get Well: "We're thinking of you. Best wishes for a quick recovery."
"Hope that this helps pass the time, and that you are soon up and running around again."
Thinking of You: "We will be thinking of you... (Name) with your operation today"
"You are an amazingly courageous person. Your wonderful friendship and smiley face brightens and lifts so many others.”
“We were sad to hear the news of your results and trust that you are able to enjoy this fresh fruit gift basket. Take care and we will be in touch again soon.”
Death: "We are all very sad to hear of (Name) passing away and we are thinking of you and your family at this sad time."

Other Occasions When Sending A Fresh Fruit Gift Can Be the Right Gift
After spending a longer time than was anticipated in hospital after an operation, sending a fresh fruit gift hamper can make a great shared gift for the staff to say “thank you” for the services they’ve given you. They’re always well received and are easy to share amongst a number of people and you know that by the next day the basket will be empty!! People love receiving fresh fruit at work.
For some people who have been through sitting at the bedside with a loved one whilst they pass away know that death doesn’t always happen fast. Having a basket or gift box of fresh fruit to pick at over a few days can help ease the situation of what to eat. This can always be repeated in a few days if necessary. Maintaining good eating will help prevent energy burn-out.

For a range of Get Well Gifts, Healthy Hampers, Care Packages check out Apex Gifts, we are happy to arrange your gifts to family and friends to show them that you care when it matters in their lives.

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